2020 Programme

8th Annual International
Sotacarbo Summer School on CCUS and Low Carbon Technologies

Carbonia, Sotacarbo Research Centre
September 21-25, 2020

Preliminary Programme

In collaboration with

Monday, June 8th, 2020

09:00 Registrations

Opening session

10:45 Presentation and general introduction
11:00 Welcome speech by Sardinian local authorities
11:20 To be defined
11:50 International policies on CCUS: SET Plan, CSLF and Mission Innovation
12:20 Lunch

Session 1: Advanced combustion and gasification technologies for CCUS applications (part I)

13:30 Low carbon power generation from renewable sources: prospects and limits
14:00 Advanced gasification technologies
14:30 Prospects for bioenergy CCS (BECCS)
15:00 Break

Session 2: Advanced combustion and gasification technologies for CCUS applications (part II)

15:20 Next generation approaches for coal plants
16:20 Advanced oxycombustion technology for easy integration of CCS in industrial applications
16:50 Biomethane from residual biomass
17:20 Underground coal gasification and CCUS
17:50 End of technical activities
19:00 Icebraker coktail

Tuesday, June 9th, 2020

Session 3: CO2 capture technologies

09:00 Capturing CO2: a general introduction
09:30 CO2 capture by liquid solvents and mineral carbonation
10:00 CO2 capture with membranes
10:30 Next generation approaches for carbon capture plants
11:00 Break

Session 4: Advanced modeling for gasification and CO2 capture

11:10 Multiphase modeling of low carbon energy devices
11:50 Multiscale CFD modeling and validation of reacting gas-solid flows with application to fossil fuel reactors
12:20 CO2 capture: process modeling and experimental validation
12:50 Lunch
14:00 Visit to the Sotacarbo platform and labs
15:30 Break

Workshop 1: Power generation plants of the future that include CO2 capture approaches

15:50 Program to be defined
18:00 End of technical activities

Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

Session 5: CO2 utilization (part I)

09:00 CO2 utilization: approaches and methods
09:30 CO2 to liquid fuels: hydrogenation processes
10:00 Hydrogenation processes: kinetical modelling
10:30 CO2 to liquid fuels: electrochemical and photo-electrochemical processes
10:30 Break

Session 6: CO2 utilization (part II)

10:50 CO2 to chemicals
11:20 Hydrogen production technologies from renewable sources
11:50 Liquid fuels from syngas: Fisher-Tropsch approach
12:20 Lunch

Workshop 2 (by ECCSEL): An European network for CO2 capture, utilization and storage research

13:50 Program to be defined
17:30 Touristic tour and dinner

Thursday, June 11th, 2020

Session 7: CO2 geological storage I – concepts

09:00 CO2 magic show
09:30 Site characterization for CCS and trapping mechanisms
10:00 Site monitoring technologies
10:30 The relevance of natural labs to test monitoring techniques and ecosystem response
11:00 Break

 Session 8: CO2 geological storage II – sites

10:50 The role of public in CCS projects: the experience in Decatur
11:20 To be defined
11:50 The Otway project
12:20 lunch

 Workshop 3 (by ECO-BASE): Enhanced oil recovery

13:50 Program to be defined
18:00 End of technical activities

Friday, June 12th, 2020

Session 9: CCUS economics and legislation

09:00 CO2 price and impact on CCUS diffusion
09:30 CO2-free power generation: how to assess the economic performance
10:00 CCUS: legal issues
10:30 Intellectual property and patents
11:00 Break

 Session 10: International partnerships and projects

11:20 CLEANKER: Capturing CO2 from cement industry
11:45 To be defined
12:00 The CO2 Value Europe association
12:20 The European CO2GeoNet Association
12:40 ECCSEL: the European Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Laboratory Infrastructure
13:00 lunch
14:10 Concluding remarks
15:00 Visit to the Serbariu Old Mine Museum
16:30 End of the School

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