Sotacarbo is holding its Annual International Summer School on CCUS and Low Carbon Technologies from 8th to 12th June 2020 at its Research Centre in Carbonia, Italy.

Main topics:
Power generation from biomass and residues
gasification technologies
syngas cleaning
residues digestion

CO2 capture
approaches (pre-, post- and oxy-combustion)
technologies (solvents, membranes, chemical looping, supercritical CO2)
advanced low carbon technologies
CCUS and underground coal gasification

Process simulation and modeling
CO2 utilization
CO2-to-fuels by hydrogenation and electrochemical processes

Hydrogen production

CO2 geological storage
site characterization and trapping mechanisms
site monitoring
enhanced oil recovery
international experiences

Economic and commercial issues

Legal issues

Intellectual properties

On-going international collaborations on CCUS